Thursday, June 20, 2013

Give Me Your Feedback

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If you comment here what you want in the software, I will consider adding it next version. Here are some things which people have told me to add.

  1. Compression for Single Image in Context Menu
  2. Sample compression of selected image instead of first image in folder
  3. Multiple Image Compression but not everything in folder
  4. Modern UI


4f2433f8-0b48-11e3-bab1-000f20980440 said...

I love this tool, but I have one suggestion. I am using it to make a backup of my entire image archive and it does not currently include the ability to look in sub-folders.

I think being able to do this would be extremely beneficial. Thoughts?

Henning Beck Sørensen said...

Nice tool - fast and accurate.
I'd suggest you to add the feature of keeping the relevant metadata of the original file (Picture information).

Marcel Felix said...

I would like to automate the resize process from a visual basic program. The settings of rezize and path to the pictures should then be accessible to be filled in by the visual basic prgram.

tezt said...

Hi very useful opensource tool, thanks for the good job !
I agree it would be very nice to have a "recurse subdirs" option indeed, with the hability to clone the original folder structure with all sub-folders in the destination folder (like Fastone Image Resizer or Irfanview for examples)

Thanks in advance if possible some day.
Best regards

The Augur said...

Wanted to use this to compress A bunch of textures without moving them from their sub folders. However It will not do this. Adding this feature will Make it WAY more functional for what many of us want a program such as this for!

Muammar Yacoob said...

Thanks man :)

Akash Chandra Gupta said...


shezz said...

I think that integrating this into windows explorer (so when you right-click a file, an option to run the program on the folder comes up) would be a great idea.

Unknown said...

Very handy program indeed! With a 70% quality, I shrinked the images 14 times in size, at virtually no difference. I have this suggestion though:

Add support of sub-folders. In my case, I had a folder of an event, with sub-folders of the days, with sub-sub-folders of parts of the day. It'd be great if I could just select the primary event folder.

'AnKo said...

I forgot to mention that metadata are really very important. I've got hundreds of photos taken at different days, and I can't put them into date order. Also, the pictures at in portrait mode come out in landscape, and I've got to rotate them on my own again.

Kostas said...

This is a great tool but until you make it save also the metadata (EXIF) information and also recurse subfolders, it is almost useless. Thank you.

Ayush Gupta said...

Trying to compress some 800 images. After 582 images it says parameter not valid or something.

Amrita Ghosh said...

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Brad Harper said...

Good image compressor. Easy to use, fast. Thank you.

Surfer said...

Please also make portable version, MSI version is complicated.